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Introducing The Shirt 2019!


Nicholas Martinez

The Shirt is more than a just a shirt. It was an idea that originated in 1990 to raise money for a student-led spring festival. The Shirt became an instant hit with students, fans, and alumni, and its success uniting the Notre Dame family has surpassed anyone's expectations. Proceeds from sales of The Shirt now benefit Notre Dame clubs and organizations, The Shirt Charity Fund, and the Student Experience Fund. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the rich tradition that is The Shirt.…

The Shirt Unveiling 2019 FAQ


Nicholas Martinez

Event Logistics

  • Is it just for the student body?

    • Notre Dame fans of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend The Shirt Unveiling!

  • Who can I contact if I have questions?

    • Feel free to reach out via email ( or direct message on social media (@TheShirtND) with any questions or concerns.

The Shirt 2019 Unveiling


Michael Conlon

Thirty years in the making, The Shirt 2019 will be revealed to Irish Fans across the globe this April 12th, with the Unveiling Ceremony starting at 4:30 pm EST. To celebrate The Shirt’s 30th anniversary, a special 30th anniversary commemorative item will also be unveiled at the ceremony. The committee is excited to announce that the celebration will be held at Eddy Street Commons. Many vendors on Eddy Street are providing special promotions to celebrate the Unveiling.…