Want to Win The Shirt 2014?

Author: The Shirt Committee 2014

The Shirt Project is thrilled to let you blog readers in on an exciting announcement! Next Monday (February 10), we’re launching a scavenger hunt that will take you all across campus or our social media and through all kind of fun facts about The Shirt.

For students, the prize is a 2014 Shirt, VIP seating for the Unveiling and a $50 gift card to the Bookstore. For everyone else, the prize is a free 2014 Shirt.

Here’s how it works: We’ll release three facts per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the week of The Shirt 2014 unveiling on April 11. The week of the unveiling, we’ll release one fact every day! The facts will highlight trivia about The Shirt from the past and present and will describe how The Shirt affects the Notre Dame student body

Students, follow The Shirt on social media and look for four posters featuring each fact (so, four per fact) to be posted in buildings on campus. Take pictures of the posters and email them to theshirt@nd.edu or present hard copies of the posters and email us when you have them. The winner will be the first one to email us!

Everyone else, look for our social media posts focusing on each fact. Collect images or screenshots of each one. Email theshirt@nd.edu when you have collected them all.

Social media posts will offer hints about where each poster is located on campus. This blog will include you information and tips, so be sure to follow here too! Please read the terms and conditions below before participating. Good luck to everyone!


The Shirt Scavenger Hunt : Terms and Conditions

The Shirt Scavenger Hunt will be February 10, 2014 and end April 12, 2014. Entries must be submitted in full by 11:59pm April 12, 2014. Facts will be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until April 7, 2014. Starting April 7, 2014, there will be a fact posted every weekday ending on Friday, April 11, 2014. Winner will be announced Monday, April 14, 2014. There will be one Notre Dame student winner, and one non-student winner. Winners will be notified via e-mail.

Student only: Students entering The Scavenger Hunt must submit all 25 facts to The Shirt Committee by the deadline. Facts can be submitted in the form of physical posters they have collected or pictures of the posters seen around campus. Clues as to the Poster locations will be posted via Social Media theshitnd on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Combinations of physical posters and photo of posters will be accepted. Each of the 25 facts must be accounted for in visual format. Submissions of the Facts written or typed by the student will not be considered. Please e-mail <a href="mailto:theshirtnd.edu">theshirt@nd.edu once all 25 Facts have been collected. Winner will be the first person to submit an e-mail to theshirt@nd.edu.  Prize will include a free 2014 Shirt and a $50 Gift Card to the Notre Dame Bookstore.

Non-Students: Anyone entering into the Scavenger Hunt via Social Media will be required to submit pictures or text of each fact posted. These images or facts can be submitted to TheShirt@nd.edu by 11:59pm on April 12, 2014. Submissions must be photos of each fact posted or a written list of each fact presented in an e-mail. Please only submit all 25 Facts in one e-mail. Do not submit entries individually. Collect all images and send them to theshirt@nd.edu on April, 12 2014.  Prize will include a free 2014 Shirt for winner.  Winner will be the first person to submit an e-mail to theshirt@nd.edu with all 25 accurate Facts.

Originally published by The Shirt Committee 2014 at theshirt.nd.edu on February 07, 2014.