Twitter Interview with Brennan Harvath

Author: The Shirt Committee 2014

Did you catch our Twitter interview with the founder of The Shirt Project, Brennan Harvath '91? Here's a transcript of the conversation, and see it on Twitter at! 

Remember, Brian Kelly will unveil The Shirt 2014 this Friday at 6 p.m. at the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore! 

The Shirt ND ‏(@theshirtND): Welcome everyone to our Q&A with Brennan Harvath! .@notredame91, Why did you feel the call to start our program?

Brennan Harvath (‏@notredame91): Thank you for asking. I had the idea during my sophomore year. I was in the Marching Band and we all wore a uniform. I thought it would be really cool to see the entire student body suited up in a single uniform, like the Marching Band. I had also printed several T-shirts as fundraisers and earned the reputation as The T-shirt Guy in my hall, St. Edwards. When I was named to be Chairman of AnTostal, the idea resurfaced and everyone was enthusiastic about it.

TSND: Wow the idea of The Shirt as a sophomore. Were you involved in The Shirt in your remaining two years on campus?

BH: The idea originated as a Sophomore but remained just an idea until I became a senior and AnTostal Chair.

TSND: It's funny that you're from St. Ed's. Our current President is from the dorm as well.

BH: cheers to all the Stedsmen!

TSND: Did you have any idea that The Shirt would become what it is today, the largest selling piece of collegiate apparel?

BH: It has been amazing to see how The Shirt has continued to be so well received by Our Lady’s University and Her Family! It is especially rewarding because it is what brought my wife Susan and I together and brought us 3 beautiful daughters! It goes without saying that it is tremendously humbling to see what was once just a dream, turn into an anticipated tradition at the finest institution of learning in the world!

TSND: Hear hear on the last part! What was the design process like in the first year? Did you spend months designing like we do now?

BH: LOL. The design process of the first shirt went like this:  I called a local T-shirt company in [South Bend] and gave them the concept. Used many of the Notre Dame logos and icons, including the likeness of Coach Holtz, which required his permission and put it on top of a football with the flood lights shining on the sky. It took them about a week.

TSND: Were you excited to hear that The Shirt shifted to a charity to support the student body of ND?

BH: It definitely had a bit less fanfare! I love the annual unveiling! It brings so much excitement! Knowing that the funds raised from The Shirt continue to be available to support the students and people like Zhengde Wang is heart-warming to me! It is the Spirit that The Shirt represents!

TSND: Last question before we let you go: What is your prediction for color and design?

BH: LOL. I have learned to never predict because I am usually wrong. But I know that when the competition thinks of the Irish, they think Green. As far as design, I love it when lyrics from the fight song and alma mater make it onto The Shirt. Or maybe a new and improved version of the first The Shirt but with Coach Kelly? I bet we will find out on Friday! 

TSND: Well we don't want to give anything obviously! Everyone will find out Friday. Thank you again for your insight! Go Irish!

BH: You are welcome and thank you for inviting me to join you today! Go Irish!