The Shirt 2022 Design Story

Author: The Shirt 2022 Designers

The design of The Shirt 2022 is inspired by the electricity of Notre Dame Football games and the excitement for the upcoming season. The design captures an authentic image celebrating Notre Dame’s victories both on and off the field. 


The traditional navy color of The Shirt 2022 was chosen as a key symbol of Notre Dame’s identity. The simplicity of the front design makes this year’s shirt fit for everyday wear. 


One of the goals of the back design of The Shirt 2022 is to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the admission of undergraduate women to the University of Notre Dame. This is represented through the number 50 imprinted on the jersey of the football player being lifted by their teammate. In addition, the phrase “Sing her glory, sound her fame. Rah! Rah! For Notre Dame'' alludes to the powerful tradition of women at Our Lady’s University. This theme continues with the depiction of the female cheerleader in the foreground, who is the first female figure to be featured on The Shirt in its 33-year history. 


The central inspiration for the design was the electric atmosphere of night football games, reflected in the setting of the design against a navy shirt. By referencing the addition of the light show in the stadium this past football season, The Shirt 33 highlights Notre Dame traditions both old and new. The light show has given the crowd an even greater opportunity to contribute energy to the game; they cheer “Rah! Rah!” to celebrate alongside the players who just scored and capture the essence of the Notre Dame Victory March. With this action, The Shirt 2022 unites the crowd to the experience in the same way The Shirt continues to bring together students, alumni, staff and faculty, and Notre Dame fans as it has for the past 33 years.