Strong, True, and Reunited: The Shirt 2021 makes its return to a full-capacity Notre Dame Stadium

Author: Mitchell Johnson and Justin Caccavo

There seems to be something in the air at Notre Dame this fall. As the leaves begin to change colors and student life continues its return to normal, the Notre Dame spirit can be felt surging throughout campus. Our Saturdays are once again what they should always be: chances to come together as a Notre Dame family and support the Fighting Irish football team. It has been truly incredible to welcome our beloved alumni back to campus this year—our hallowed gameday traditions are back with renewed energy and spirit.

As Notre Dame Stadium has returned to full capacity for games against Toledo, Purdue, and Cincinnati (with a fun stop at Soldier Field along the way), the sight of our students, alumni, and fans unified in support of the Irish has been a joy to witness. This year, the crowd at Notre Dame Stadium has taken on a particular hue—the thousands of Fighting Irish faithful wearing this year’s edition of The Shirt create a sea of green that seems to embody the words written proudly across the its front: strong and true.

The impact of The Shirt goes far beyond what can be seen in the stands of Notre Dame Stadium. Each year, revenue from The Shirt is used to fund student clubs and organizations while providing much-needed support for students facing unexpected medical or financial difficulties. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, these funds are more important than ever. The pandemic has created an increase in medical and financial uncertainty for many Notre Dame students, so revenue generated by this year’s Shirt sales will go a long way towards ensuring that every student can enjoy the Notre Dame experience, regardless of financial background.

We at The Shirt Project are beyond grateful to welcome our Notre Dame alumni back to campus this year. From parking lot tailgates to Friday afternoon trips to the Grotto, the spirit and energy of the Notre Dame family is back and better than ever. As you continue your return to campus this year, purchasing and wearing The Shirt is a fantastic way to show your school spirit and continue to support the Notre Dame student body.