Happy Valentine's Day from The Shirt!

Author: The Shirt Committee 2014

The Shirt has been known to unite families,


The Shirt Project Executive Committee member Lesley Stevenson (center) and her friends at a football game in 2011



and friends of all kinds,


but this Valentine’s Day let’s give a special shout out to best friends and couples alike who have made Notre Dame and The Shirt part of their relationships!

Check out this couple who made The Shirt and Indiana University part of their recent engagement! Their photos were posted on Facebook as part of a competition.


Do you have cool photos of you and your family/friends/significant others wearing The Shirt? Send them to theshirt@nd.edu for a chance to be featured here on our blog!


Originally published by The Shirt Committee 2014 at theshirt.nd.edu on February 14, 2014.