Family Traditions

Author: The Shirt Committee 2016

Featured below is Ashley Seeman's story about her family traditions with The Shirt. Thanks to Ashley for sending us this story and allowing us to share. 


"My mothers side of the family is from Indiana and my Grandfather and his brothers went to Notre Dame. Therefore Notre Dame has been in my life since before I can remember. 

My family has been getting The Shirt since the beginning and there is one year in particular that sticks out to me. In 2006, the Tradition shirt meant more to my family than you could believe. Earlier in that year in March my sister had suddenly passed away and anyone that had met her could tell you she was the biggest Notre Dame fan ever. I think she knew more about the players and coaches than they knew about themselves. Every year my mom would get us five kids together to take pictures for our annual Christmas card that would go out. That was always one of our traditions. Now with one of us no longer here, it was extremely difficult to pull together and take a family photo. Since The Shirt for the year was the "Tradition" shirt, my mom decided that this tradition must stand and therefore my three brothers and I got into one last group family Christmas picture to continue our Tradition in our Notre Dame shirts.

Tradition is something we hold near and dear to our family and Notre Dame is our tradition. Thank you for the continuous joy every year as we receive our shirts."

-Ashley Seeman