The Shirt Project Extends Partnership with Colosseum Athletics for a Fourth Year

Author: Max Perry

NOTRE DAME, IN, (January 26th, 2020) — The Shirt Project at the University of Notre Dame proudly announces the renewal of its partnership with Colosseum Athletics for the 2020 season. Serving as the vendor for the past four years, Colosseum Athletics has plenty of experience helping The Shirt maintain its status as the number one selling piece of collegiate apparel in the nation. In The Shirt Project’s 30th year of operations, we sold over 150,000 shirts to match another exciting football season. Colosseum and The Shirt Committee hope to bring the same energy and Fighting Irish spirit into 2020. This year’s edition of The Shirt will be unveiled this spring.


The Shirt Committee, which is composed of 15 students and a university advisor, elected to continue its partnership with Colosseum Athletics into 2020. “We are excited to continue our partnership with Colosseum and look forward to celebrating the 31st year of The Shirt Project with Notre Dame fans” stated new Committee president Jennifer Paul.


John Pfeifer, Executive Vice President of Colosseum had this to say about our 31st edition of The Shirt: "We are extremely proud of our partnership and excited about the momentum we have as we embark on our 4th year representing, and working with Notre Dame and the students on the design, production, and launch of The Shirt 31 this coming April for the ND Students, Alumni, and Fans all around the globe.”


Based out of Compton, California, Colosseum Athletics is the 3rd largest manufacturer of collegiate apparel in the nation. Colosseum provides quality products for passionate fans across the nation while incorporating socially responsible practices during its manufacturing process. The Shirt will be manufactured in Vietnam at the Cotton Shop, where workers have access to education in critical subjects such as personal health and business administration. Additionally, The Shirt will be manufactured during the slower months of the Vietnamese business cycle, creating extra work opportunities for The Cotton Shop’s workers. The Shirt will then be imprinted in California.


The upcoming Shirt will mark the Project’s 32nd Shirt and its 31st year in the Notre Dame community. The first two Shirts were sold in 1990 — the first to commemorate and promote Notre Dame’s game against Michigan and the second for the game against Miami to raise money for the medical bills of a graduate student who had been seriously injured in a car accident.


About The Shirt Project

Since 1990, The Shirt has united the Notre Dame student section as well as fans and alumni across the world on gamedays. The Shirt Project gives back to the campus community through donating proceeds to student clubs and organizations. Half of the funds generated from The Shirt are allocated towards The Shirt Charity Fund, which supports students with extreme medical expenses. The Shirt’s proceeds also funds the University’s Office of Student Enrichment, which ensures all students have the opportunity of a full Notre Dame experience, regardless of their financial situation. During its 30 years of operations, over 3 million shirts have been sold, raising millions for causes across campus.


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Jennifer Paul, President

Max Perry, Public Relations