Kicking off The Shirt 2016 with Notre Dame head coach, Brian Kelly

Author: The Shirt Committee 2016

We are excited to announce the start of The Shirt Project 2016! The 2016 student committee has begun work on The Shirt for the coming fall, and we are very excited to see what 2016 holds.

We also want to thank fans of The Shirt everywhere for their continued support of The Project. Similar to years past, we will be publishing regular updates about the planning, designing, and unveiling of the 28th Shirt on our blog.

The Shirt 2015, last year’s edition, proved to be an historic shirt with over 164,000 units sold, the second highest sales figure since The Project began. Last year also marked a record high in revenue, with The Project raising nearly one million dollars in profit. This is an exciting time for the Notre Dame community, and The Shirt Committee is very hopeful for this year's Shirt. 

The Shirt Project serves to benefit the Notre Dame community in a number of ways, specifically through The Shirt Charity Fund, an emergency endowment for students’ unforeseen medical costs, The Rector Fund, which guarantees an authentic Notre Dame experience to students, regardless of finances, and financial support to student activities and organizations. 

With this being said The Shirt does more than just fund many organizations. The Shirt serves as a unifying factor among the entire Notre Dame community. 

In an interview with two members of The Shirt Committee, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly explained how he enjoys the different themes of each Shirt, as he noted, “I think you gain a different perspective about the history [of Notre Dame] and how it is perceived or sometimes how it hits the students that particular year.”  Check out the video for the full interview with Coach Kelly. 

Stay tuned for more updates, and Go Irish!