Codi Coslet ’13 to Represent The Shirt 2015 in Hammes Catalogue

Author: The Shirt Committee 2015

This spring, in partnership with the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore, The Shirt Project searched for a Notre Dame fan who represented the tradition and message of The Shirt to model this year’s Shirt in promotional materials.

The Shirt Committee asked fans to submit their Shirt stories through social media and received many touching and worthy submissions. After deliberating, the committee chose Codi Coslet ’13 to model this year’s Shirt.

Coslet, a first generation college student, had dreamed of attending Notre Dame when she was younger, but didn’t think she could get in. During her senior year, she says she applied to Notre Dame for her father, who had passed away the previous year and was always a big Notre Dame fan.

“I truly did not think I would be accepted, but I had to apply for my father,” Coslet said. “When I opened my mailbox and saw a big envelope from ND, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Not only was I going to be the first person in my family to go to college, but I was also going to my dream school. I was elated.”

Coslet first saw The Shirt on a tour of Notre Dame after her acceptance. A couple her mother met, Notre Dame and St. Mary’s alumni, invited Codi and her mom to campus to welcome them and give them a tour. When Codi looked at past Shirts hanging in LaFortune, the couple explained to her the tradition of The Shirt.

“They took us to the bookstore and bought us each The Shirt. I put it on and couldn’t help but smile. I was part of the Notre Dame family,” Coslet said. “Each year since, I have made a point to either attend the unveiling or order The Shirt as soon as possible.”

Coslet will represent The Shirt in Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore promotions and materials this year.

“Every time I wear The Shirt, I can’t help but think of my father and how proud and excited he would have been. To me, The Shirt is Notre Dame,” Coslet said.

Through The Shirt Charity, the Rector Fund and support for student clubs, The Shirt Project aims to give every student the ultimate Notre Dame experience. The Shirt also represents the community found among Notre Dame fans both in the stands and around the world.

“Stories like Codi’s are a huge part of why we create The Shirt every year. Our goal is to both support student life and to be a unifying thread for the entire Notre Dame community,” The Shirt Project President Abbey Dankoff said. “We’re so glad she shared her story with us and to have her as the face of The Shirt this year.”