A Special Connection With The Shirt

Author: The Shirt Committee 2018

A few months ago, The Shirt Committee interviewed long-time Notre Dame fan Jeremy Lobenthal about his connection to The Shirt.  

Jeremy is one of the more resilient Irish fans we have spoken with, as he chose to root for Notre Dame over his family’s beloved Indiana University.  He has been a fan for twenty years.

We asked Jeremy to share some of his thoughts on The Shirt.  “I’ve seen how The Shirt has helped different organizations and how they’ve given donations to different events and different programs,” he said.  “It’s neat to see the growth of The Shirt.”

Jeremy and his family make a yearly trip to Notre Dame for the unveiling of The Shirt and the annual spring football game.  “When we come up to the Blue and Gold game, we plan our weekend around getting The Shirt,” he told us.

The Shirt is more than just an article of clothing for the Lobenthal family, however.  When Jeremy and his wife, Cheryl, adopted two young boys, Tyrone and Chace, the first purchase the couple made for their children was The Shirt.  Tyrone and Chace are now seven and six years old, respectively.

Jeremy has incorporated The Shirt into Lobenthal family pictures.  These photo shoots have taken place all over Notre Dame’s campus, including in Notre Dame Stadium’s tunnel and by the lakes.  Jeremy told us that he plans to make an edition of The Shirt that Tyrone and Chace have into a quilt for their high school graduation in a few years.

We look forward to sharing stories like Jeremy’s in the future.  Send us your stories at theshirt@nd.edu!

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